folktales The stories that folks tell are often unbelievable. They are fun to listen to even if you wonder if the story teller is actually believes what they are saying. But if they did it would make for a better story anyway. They give you that passion and energy that makes story telling a wonderful experience. What is lacking in the modern world is the knowledge of folktales. I do not know any of the folktales that belong to my family and it is a struggle to find out the various ones. Folktales speak to the collective conscious of a particular group. The knowledge that is hidden within the story will often help the listener navigate their everyday life. You can see the pattern of thinking within the stories and the consequences of the particular actions. This is why they are important that the older generation are venerated and given positions where they can serve the next generation. They are the keepers of the story and can help to shape the young generations character into something strong and responsible. Functioning as such keeps them healthy, purposeful and alive. But that is not the world we live in anymore as you can see from the number of senior citizens who are generally cast out of their families or stricken with illness. But you can create that in one’s own family. When everyone is engage in the business of family, then you can start to see where each individual genius lies and the unit functions as a whole. Generally the grandparents will pass on their knowledge of history, lessons they learned from life, and tall tales they tell to their wide eyed listening audience. I didn't grow up with such grandparents and I know some are way to surly to be that charming but it is where they function best and when I’m old and grey and I've got my little grand progeny around me, I hope I to scare them with my cackle.

Fairy Tales


Is it called Fairy tales because it is a story about fairies or are they called fairy tales because the story is as unlikely as seeing a fairy?

I never could figure that one out.  Fairy tales are not often about fairies themselves but they usually are a story that is hard to believe with your logical mind.

Technically a fairy tale is said to derive from the European tradition of folklore.  It included the creatures of the magical kingdom such as fairies, gnomes, ghouls, mermaids, witches and warlocks, giants and other creatures.

But you will usually hear the “fairy tale” to mean that the story is so out of the world unbelievable but pleasant enough or sometimes in the case of “fairy tale wedding” it will describe something as picture perfect.

But fairies in general are interesting creatures.  When I was very young, I use to talk to them and play around in their small world.  I had a handful of miniature toys that I played with and even had a language that I spoke to them in.

They would come to visit shortly after I awoke and I would recreate a world for them in the folds of my blanket.

I haven’t played with them in a very long time and according to legend they probably just would play tricks on me.  I was no longer that child innocence.

But I still admire the fairies, at least what I know of them and wondered why there aren’t more stories about them.

In Afrikan fairy tales, everyone in general is pretty steeped in their magical powers.  There is no separation from their spiritual life to their mundane life so the stories I’ve read focus on the relationship they have with the majestic animal kingdom.

The lesson is hidden within the context of the story which is what fairy tales are for in this day and age.  It is to educate children about the spiritual and magical world all around them.