Images flashing across your mind that bring up feelings and understandings of the character you are reading about.

You are in a different space and time and you can almost smell what it would smell like in the imagined destination.

The imagination allows you to visualize and live out the things that are reading almost as if you are experiencing them.

Sometime people will criticize one’s with “over active” imagination but that is because their own is so weakened by daily life, stress, and television.

For some, they will never know the delight of closing your eyes and become a pirate on the only golden ship in the sea.  You are the captain and your crew of powerful, dangerous but honorable sea farers are not difficult to manage as long as they are shown due respect.

For some they will not be able to see the iridescent hue of the mast or see the storm that is coming on the eastern starboard, they would rather watch Pirates of the Caribbean.

There is nothing wrong with that of course but it is takes a different kind of brain function in order to fully imagine things that hasn’t yet existed in your world.

Being able to imagine is being able to create.  Creativity can be restricted in children where there is a lack of freedom or where they feel it is dangerous to express themselves.

But children are amazingly resilient so if you give them the chance they will once again begin to create and be innovative.

This notion only makes the tragedy of television more stark because its addictive nature will program the child’s mind that experiences are created from outside themselves rather than from within.

Then they will grow into boring adults who only seek to be stimulated rather than stimulating.

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