Reading is essential  for the imagination in my opinion. I know when I read a good book one filled with imagery and thematic content and that is easy to read but has a challenging bite to it, I’m in heaven or whatever realm that the story is steeped in.

I often get lost in the pages and can sense and feel the characters and their circumstance.  It’s a way to escape and learn something different about the human condition. 

Only if the author is interested in educating their reader will this be able to happen.  I’m always fascinated while reading when you can fully weave third person omniscient into a personal narrative.

On one hand it doesn’t really make sense.  Real life doesn’t include third person omniscience.  You won’t be able to know or understand completely another’s intention or their heart’s longing.  (unless you are a psychic but still how much can they really know)

On the other hand, it fill out the story for the reader.  You get to see the different sides to things and as a reader you can interject your own judgments on the character because really you are judging yourself in that moment.

If you were able to make life as interesting as a novel, could you really stand it?  This is a rhetorical question but I imagine the answer is yes, you could and every step of the way regardless of how much pain it might cause you the possibility of greatness would keep you going.

Is there an ideal beyond love and religion worth dying for?  I say beyond religion or love because it would be the most obvious reasons but maybe there is something less cliché that would drive a person.

But sometimes it is worth the few hours to read another’s story even if it is fictional.


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